Asia’s Prestigious Asia Honesty Award


Maxim Trader, the leading financial trading facilitator and market researcher throughout Europe and Asia’s emerging financial powerhouses, has been awarded the prestigious 2013 Asia Honesty Award by Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF).


Photo 1: Dr Andrew Lim together with Guests of Honor included a member of the Royal Family, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tuan A. Kohilan Pillay, Patron of AEEF  – Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew Founder of AEEF, Dato Seri Paduka, Prof. Dr.Robin Tan being invited on stage for cutting ribbon ceremony.

AEEF, Hong Kong’s own international non-profit organization that monitors the performance and awards industry movers and shakers, is a recognition and endorsement of the hard work and dedication of the management, staff and partners.

It was such a big honor of Maxim Trader to be nominated and awarded in this influential event which is famous for its strict selection. It once again proves that facts speak louder than words, be they good or bad. Also it shows that our Innovative, Breakthrough & Revolutionary Business Model and track record in our achievements, including consistent monthly yields, record new investors has been a huge success in market and we have every confidence that it will ever lead to more in the future!

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Photo 2: Maxim Capital Limited represented by Dr Andrew Lim to receive the prestigious 2013 Asia Honesty Award by Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF).


“We have all tolled and excelled in trying to established our company as an icon in the financial world, and for that we have been duly recognized by our peers as a force to be reckoned with,”

said Dr. Andrew Lim, CEO of MaximTrader.

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Photo 3: (From left) Patron of AEEF Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, Dr Andrew Lim and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tuan A. Kohilan Pillay.


0 (3)Photo 4: (From left) Dr Andrew Lim and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tuan A. Kohilan Pillay.


Maxim Trader works towards establishing a constitution that serves tomagnify the principle of leverage, thus elevating both the organization and clients to a financial vantage point. As a result, we capitalize on the pooled resources, coupled with proven fund management techniques and expertise to generate wealth and create value allowing our people, partners, stakeholders and clients to prosper continuously.

“We are indeed very proud and honored to receive this Award in our very first year of operations as this is a recognition and endorsement of the hard work and dedication of the management, staff and partners alike have tolled and excelled in trying to established our company as an icon in the financial world,”  says Dr. Lim.

“Thank you to all our investors and partners who have helped us achieve this milestone and this will spur us towards greater achievements in the coming year which is the year of the Golden Horse,” adds Dr. Lim. He claimed they could not have done it without everyone believing and having confidence in Maxim Trader, which works towards providing world-class financial solutions to their customers by providing them access to financial build a globally trusted brand in the online trading industry.

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Photo 5: (From Left) On behalf of company, CEO Dr. Andrew Lim, Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Alvin Tan and Chief Technical Officer Mr. Jason Lim were at present sharing this great joy of another big milestone to Maxim Trader and extremely excited spreading this good news to everyone through mobile phone.

Be proud of our past! Be confident of our future! Our ultimate goals are to come in Dec 2014. We seek to create 101 multi-millionaires a year and we hit a Billion Dollar mark in terms of actual sales figures. 

YES we can, YES you can and when we together say YES to MAXIM TRADER! Let’s work together my dear comrades in arms, and we can reach out to this financial world to touch a million families and bring comforts to a billion lives!

Analysis EU, GU 16/12/2013



Example VIP signal/analysis from MAXIMVIP SIGNAL.


If EUR/USD Breaking Previous High @1.3832, The Next Strong Resistance @1.4050,

Traders have selling position below 1.3832  may hedge @1.3832, TP @1.4050 OR

Sell EUR/USD around @1.4050,  TP @1.3500,  SL @1.4250

P/S : Trade at your own risk.



Trader who have sell position below @1.6450, may close position as price may break 1.6500, moving toward 1.6770 OR

Sell GBP/USD @1.6770, SL @1.7050, TP @1.5750

P/S : Trade at your own risk.

Maxim Trader Visa Debit Card


Dear Clients,

You can apply Maxim Visa Debit Card with just only 80usd. Kindly submit your proof of identification via Maxim Partner’s Website.

Withdraw anywhere through Local Bank ATM in the world. Hurry, take advantage of this wonderful facility.

Always profit with Forexuntung


Gala Dinner 2014 Penang


Dengan berbesar hati kami ingin menjemput anda semua untuk bersama meraikan permulaan Tahun Baru 2014, Gala Dinner di Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang.

Terbuka kepada semua pemegang Live Account yang berdaftar. Akan ada Lucky Draw.

Success and Happiness Together, let’s welcome 2014 with big Prosperity


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Gala Dinner Shanghai 2013


Our unique success at the expo was especially clear at the MAXIM TRADER GALA DINNER, where attendance exceeded all expectations. In all, having expected a large crowd of 400, we were fortunate to have 600 guests join us for the gala!


We are now planning for the 12 Annual Shanghai Money Fair in 2014. Our ultimate goals are to come in Dec 2014, We seek to create 101 multi-millionaires a year and we hit a Billion Dollar mark in terms of actual sales figures.

Let’s work together my dear comrades in arms, and there are not many other business partners that can do these much for you. Look no further, let’s work as a team, one heart, one vision, we seek to put you in the forefront to profit from our twin goals of touch a billion!

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Shanghai Money Fair 2013 – Another SUCCESS to Maxim Trader!

Say YES to Maxim!!! 

Shanghai Money Fair – Nov 22 to 24 2013, Another SUCCESS to Maxim Trader!


The 11th Annual Shanghai Money Fair 2013 held on 22nd to 24th November 2013, had more than 200 domestic and local financial institutions which attracted a reported 170,000 visitors during the 3 day event. This exhibition was the largest ever in other ways, as well. The expo covered 25,000 square meters with nearly 300 companies, representing even larger increases from previous years’ events.Where previous years were dominated by Shanghai’s financial institutions, at the 2013 event roughly 60% arrived from outside the city. Shanghai’s new “Free Trade Zone” combined with its status as an existing international financial center has created tremendous untapped potential for growth.

The Money Fair was spread over 4 different halls and would take a whole day just to cover the entire number of booths that were taking part. It was a good way for many companies to showcase their products and services and gain entry into the China market which is expected to compete with and surpass Japan in terms of total currency trading volume. 


For Maxim Trader the event was even more successful – in fact the MOST SUCCESSFUL expo the company has EVER attended. NEVER BEFORE have our services and expertise been sought out by so many current and potential customers. Throughout the event it was clear that Maxim Trader has passed a TURNING POINT in our expansion. Our breakthrough business model has created such a big impact over investors from many places in China covering all diff ages.


MaximTrader had over 500 members from various countries visit our booth which was 5 times the sizeof that from previous year. Overall, it was a very exhilarating event with our booth perpetually having the most number of visitors at any given time. We had other exhibitors coming over to our booth curiously inquiring about our products and services and about the markets that we are doing business in. It would be safe to say that a few of these prospects have since signed up and are extremely contented with our product(s).


We pride ourselves as the pioneer in combining a unique member get member model together with product innovation in Forex Trading and a Maxim Premier Club – ICE Concept(Information-Commerce-Education). Our emphasis is on individual skills upgrading and daily trading hand holding approach to make profit that is unparalleled in the industry.


Broker Pilihan

Broker pilihan kami menyediakan platform MT4 ECN untuk perdagangan didalam Forex Market.

Beserta dengan pelbagai imbuhan dan insentif menarik seperti Affiliate, Commisions, Group Bonus, Referral dan Rebate yang akan diberikan.

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